Special Products

biem ER - Custom made head phones

biem_erIs it possible to combine sound, protection and lifestyle in one product?

Yes. High quality materials and the latest electronic technologies allow INFIELD to create a custom made combination of protection and head-phones specially designed for you.Suitable for making phone calls, listen to music and communication.

BIEM ER is suitable for any ER hearing protection worldwide.
Simply remove the filter from the earplugs – insert the headphones – enjoy your music, phone or other communications device that accepts a 3.5mm jack plug.  BIEM ER and original INFIELD ER Hearing ProtectionThe ideal combination of custom made headphones and custom made hearing protection. Available in transparent, yellow, red or blue.

Technical Details:

  • Impedance 18 ohm+/-10%
  • Echo: 110dB+/-3
  • 20 Hz-20KHz
  • Aluminium case
  • Weather proof protection
  • Tested as per DIN 352-2 and 352-6 for communication cable
  • Kink proof cable with integrated microphone.
  • Switch for On / Off as well as receiving calls
  • Stereo cable – 3.5mm jack plug.



shooterCustom made Hearing protections for Shooters, Hunters and Industry.


  • Innovative filter electronics:  reacting automatically to impulse and continual noise.
  • Electronic, active hearing protection.
  • Ideal for individual testing through modular structure
  • Easy use buttons
  • Battery size 10 (average battery life 70 hours)
  • Unique laser etched serial numbers.
  • Easy care by removing from the Otoplastic  Warning: Electronic items should not be allowed to become wet.


  • Full modular
  • Sits securely and comfortably in the ear canal
  • Made from super soft (60 shore) material.
  • High density, easy to clean surface.

The Otoplastic can be combined with BIEM ER headphones and ER 9, 15 and 25 passive hearing protection filters giving extra functionality.

  • Electrical active Hearing Protector (Shooter)
  • Passive hearing protector (ER 9, 15 or 25)
  • Communication and music (BIEM)


Average value and Standard deviation of A-rated equivalent diffuse schield – Sound pressure level


sleepfitThe Sleepfit is designed to fit particularly flat to the ear. Making it very comfortable whilst in the lying position, such as sleeping. It is designed as a sleeping aid for shift workers or those who have disturbed sleep due a partners snoring. It is also ideally suited for persons who wear full protective helmets, such as motorcyclists. The Sleepfit is coloured yellow as standard. Other colours are available on request.

Swim protection

schwimmschutzExperience the joy of care free bathing and swimming without the discomfort of water entering your ears.

  • Safety during bathing, swimming and shower
  • For children and adults
  • Individual custom made
  • Buoyant, durable, tear proof, skin friendly and super soft silicon material
  • easy to wear and remove through anatomically made grip
  • easy to clean
  • available in various respective colour combinations.

Please note that the swim protector does not provide any protection during diving

Motor special

  • motorradComfortable, custom fit protection.
  • Clear discernment of warning signals and traffic noise
  • Ideal for helmet wearers due to its extra small size.
  • Fitted with the Phonor Select 1 filter, as standard.
  • Other Phonor Select filters can also be used
  • Tested according to DIN EN 352 – 2
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